November 13th, 2016

Last updated on September 12th, 2017 at 06:36 pm

Atmos Vicod White KitUsually when we think of portable herbal vaporizers, we automatically designate our focus on a pen style vape. These are great if you are into uber compact designs with limited options on their beneficial features and ginormous price tags. The more discerning vape enthusiast that prefers to be more in control of their vaping experiences with features that may even exceed the benefit of its having such a small price. The Atmos Vicod is going to take you exactly where you aspire to be.

The Atmos Vicod is a fully portable vaporizer that is packed with advanced technological innovations that define it as a top selection fulfilling the concept of vaping evolution.  Compounding this unit’s beneficial features is a very attractive ingeniously artful design. This design is a sexy shape that nestles conformingly in your grip. The casing is created from a durable resin mold that encapsulates this advanced vaporizing accessory with all the high tech attributes you can dream up for elevating your vaping experience and your ultimate pleasure. This also helps it not heat up the exterior casing so your hand doesn’t get hot.


The Vicod is all about giving you all the vaping freedom you can ask for and much more than you will expect. You will immediately appreciate the freedom to vaporize your favorite blend of ground dry herbs anywhere you want, when you want, along with the ability to choose how you do it. This is the portable vaporizer that grants secure low risk vaping for beginners and elevates the experience for the seasoned veteran. From big clouds at a full throttle high bake endeavor to the misting fog of a laid back sultry shimmer, this herbal vape will take you through every level at you demand.

You have the freedom to play with your vaping experience because the level of control that you seek is very literally in your grasp the moment you pick it up. The Atmos Vicod vaporizer is equipped with a broad scope for its temperature range. You can start as low as 350℉ for a slow rolling experience or you can crank up the heat by incremental degrees up to a blazing 430℉.Black Atmos Vicod Vaporizer

Selecting the temperature that you prefer for your vaping session is as simple as depressing the plus or minus buttons and watching the OLED screen all

of which are located on the front of your unit. The plus or minus will get you to your vaping destination and the OLED screen allows you to make sure that you have arrived. Beyond the efficiency of getting you there the exact specifications of your ETA is all dependent on you, your product, and how you work your Vicod.

The outer shell of the unit is a molded resin (plastic) that is durable enough to take the heat, retain its high polished look, and protect every mechanism of
the components within. It comes offered in the dual color options of either a subtle black or a high-end radiant white. The unit stands a little over 5 inches tall and ranges a little over an inch in diameter. These are considerable features that do make it a little cumbersome for
personal concealment compared to a small dry herb vape pen. The Vicod will still easily fit in your purse or jacket/sweater pocket and even y our jeans.

Establishing that fact and going further, the significant stature of this design isn’t promoted for its chameleon affectations, it is purely the technological attributes. Understandably, it is a little more bulky and less designated for stealth capacity than some of the other portable designs on the market but it makes up the difference in technologically advancements. The Vicod does and will consistently allow you a marked measure of signature discretion if you are willing to contribute just a little more creative thinking to accompany having and using the unit along with the product you enjoy so much. Once you have these tools aligned, all you need from there is the time, and opportunity to indulge.

Black Atmos Vicod VapePerformance

Once you power your unit on it will reach a temperature plateau for beginning your vape session in as little as thirty seconds. The unit is powered by a 2200mAh Lithium Polymer battery which is fully rechargeable via a retractable micro USB charger. The battery can be charged completely in about three hours and will usually hold you for about six hours. That is a good day’s worth of vaping give or take. The exact life expectancy of the battery will vary depending on the temperature you’re using with the higher temperature needing more power. Beyond that, variation will also depend on the frequency of your sessions, the temperature of your bake, and the duration of your vaping session preferences.

Pros and Cons

Nothing ever pleases everyone on the same level and the Vicod is no exception to the rule. Here are our findings as for the its featured attributes and the areas that we found to be still yet remain lacking.


To begin, the Atmos Vicod is a convection heating dry herb vaporizer that can be purchased under a hundred dollars. The chamber is refined from the highest quality of stainless steel. In conjunction with the ability to regulate your vape temp it produces the ideal cloud cover to meet your preference, the pull flows with ease, and the flavor remains decadently refreshing throughout your vaping session.  When these attributes are taken into consideration along with the degree of portability, the easy to read OLED screen, and the long battery life fully evolve the concept of acceptable dry herb vaporizer status.


There really isn’t any cause for real complaints or any deep rooted concern for this unit. It can be a little tricky to access the oven because the mouthpiece tends to be reluctantly removed. The vape path is direct and short so that can remit a mouthful of heated vapor if you are using a high temperature and do not mind your pull strength. Also there may be a little discomfort with the mouthpiece itself if you tend to vape at the higher temperatures or extend your vape session, even at the low to moderate temperatures.

How to Use the Atmos Vicod Vaporizer

Vaping usually requires a little more method than simply lighting a cigarette but not as much technique as rolling a good one. Probably the hardest process you are going to have here is trying to decide exactly how fine you are going to grind the primo select for your chamber. Here are the steps that are going to be required for you to fully enjoy your combustion cessation.


1). As soon as your unit arrives, get to charging it immediately so the real fun can begin. Initial charge should be about 3 hours.

2). Determine the grain of your grind. Medium grind tends to be the best.


Vaping Business:

3). Press the back side of the mouthpiece to remove it from the unit and expose your loading chamber.

4). Load your bowl; not too tight.

5). Press the power button five times in rapid succession to power the unit on.

6). Set the temperature that you are going to begin with by pressing the plus or minus buttons.

7). Give it the allotted 30 second warm up time.

8). Get your vape session going!