July 29th, 2015

Last updated on August 14th, 2017 at 05:02 pm

Vaporizers are better for your lungs and get the highest amount of active ingredients from the dry herbs that you’re vaping in comparison to traditional smoking. Smoking burns and kills off more of the active parts of the herb that get you to feel the affects you are looking to achieve. Unfortunately the vapor output is different than the output of traditional smoking. There are tricks to get a thicker, milkier draw from your dry herb chamber so that you can easily transition into this healthier lifestyle. We put together this list of all the tricks to a better vapor output from your pen.

  1. Never Over Pack

Vaping is a very efficient way to medicate with your herbs, but if you are over packing you are killing the efficiency tenfold. A proper vaporizer uses a convection heating method, meaning that heated air is passed through botanicals to heat and essentially vaporize them. So if you over pack your buds the air isn’t able to travel through the dry herb chamber and your hit will be stifled not giving it an even heat distribution. Sometimes this even feels like trying to suck a thick milkshake through a straw. To solve this issue just pack the dry herb chamber of your vaporizer about half to three quarters of the way full. Even with conduction type heating, you will be only vaping the bottom of the pack that is closer to the coil.

  1. Keep the Dry Herb Chamber Clean!

The heating of buds causes them to become gunk which can create a sticky hard to remove residue on your chamber. This resin is easier to remove when it is first formed and the piece is still slightly heated, so clean it after every other use. Empty your chamber right after you are finished vaporizing. Most portable dry herb vape pens will come with a small cleaning brush that lightly wipes away any remnants. Having your dry herb chamber clean greatly improve the quality of your pen output.

Ago G5 Ceramic Dry Herb Replacement Chamber with Mouthpiece

  1. Grind Your Herbs

Grinding herbs is just as important as not over packing the dry herb chamber to maintain an even heat distribution style vape experience. Using your fingers to break the buds up doesn’t get an adequate consistency for your chamber. Having the herbs finely ground allows the heated air to move through more of the flower at once while also having an easier time completely vaping them before they taste burnt. The best vape hits and the most output always come from finely ground dry botanicals.

  1. Stir it up

Not all chambers are the perfect shape, and sometimes you can get hits that are downright burnt and lack in thick vaporous output. Grinding the buds is the best first step to avoid a burnt popcorn taste, another great way is to stir your dry herb chamber up about halfway through your session. This allows new portions of the herbs you’ve packed to reach new quadrants of your chamber and essentially vaporize the buds more evenly. Most vapes come with a stirring tool but any paper clip or bobby pin will suffice, just be careful not to come into contact with the chamber walls too much.

  1. Temperature Adjustments

The more high quality portable dry herb vaporizers have temperature adjustments. Switching the temperature midway through your session will give you a longer timeframe of heavy vapor output. I like to start on a middle temperature setting and raise my temperature as the session reaches the end. Usually when I stir the bowl I will turn it up a couple of notches. You will get the most out of your herbs by playing with the temperature throughout your session. Every type of herb vaporizes at a different temperature so you will get a better flavor and thicker vapor out of your vape pen.