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Haze Square Pro Vaporizer

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$189.95 $179.95 10 Year Warranty

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 Unfortunately, the Haze Square Pro has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.





Last updated on April 17th, 2019 at 09:34 pm

Haze Square Pro Features:

  • Multi-Function Triple Use Vape
  • Compatible with Herbs, Concentrates and Liquid
  • Quad Chamber
  • App Control
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Convection Heating
  • Temperature Control Setting (320°F– 430°F)
  • USB-C Input for Fast Charging and Programming





The Haze Square is a premium convection vaporizer from Haze technologies. The Haze Square is the first portable four-chamber vaporizer on the market. You can switch between the oven by twisting the handy cover. It is compatible with dry herbs, concentrates, and liquids.


The Haze Square Pro is smaller than it looks. It is 2.75” tall, 2.75″ wide, 1.5″ deep, and weighs just 1.75 lbs. The exterior is made of aluminum that gives it a smooth exterior. The mouthpiece is made of ceramic, so you’ll only get pure, clean vapor. The mouthpiece is removable and there is a pocket where you can hide the mouthpiece to make it less visible

The power button at the front of the device. The USB port for charging on the left side of the vaporizer. At the top, you will find the temperature buttons, mouthpiece hole, and the heating symbol which you have to align with a preferred chamber indicator symbol by rotating the lid of the device. The Haze also has a lock that allows you open and close the lid.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Haze Square Pro is awesome. You will immediately tell the difference once you take the first draw. The four convection ovens made of stainless steel and the ceramic mouthpiece help to produce distinct, clean vapors. You can decide to load each chamber with different flavors for a whole new experience. You can also simply just preload the ovens for use later.

Battery Life

A built-in 2600mAh battery powers the Square. If your battery gets bad, there is an option to replace it. The battery life is pretty impressive. You can vaporize all four convection ovens before another charge. The device is charged with an upgraded USB-C cord with allows for fast charging. It takes about 2 hours to get to a full charge.



From changing temperatures to using the Haze Square vaporizer, everything is very easy and smooth to use. Haze Technologies makes nothing but one of the best vapes in the market.

How to Use the Haze Square Pro

To load the chambers, rotate the lock switch until the middle line becomes horizontal. There is an interlocking tab on one side of the lid that will allow you to separate the tray from the lid. Next, fill all chambers with whatever materials and in whatever combinations you want but do not overload your dry herbs for the best result. Put back the material pods back into the tray and secure the tray back to the lid. Place the cover and rotate the lock switch.

Turn on the device by pressing on the power button three times quickly.  You have to hold down the button while vaping. When you press and hold down the power button, the blue light comes up, and when it turns green, it means its ready for use. Select the desired temperature with the +/- buttons.  To select a chamber, rotate the cover to align the preferred chamber symbol with the heat symbol at the left top corner.

Temperature Settings

The Haze Square features customizable LEDs and five adjustable temperatures ranging from 320°F– 430°F. You will find the temperature buttons at the top of the vaporizer just close to the mouthpiece hole. Use the +/- buttons to select the temperatures. The blue light on the power button represent the lower temperatures while red color represents the highest temperatures.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Since all the parts of the Haze are removable, it’s quite easy to clean. It can still take some time. For a quick clean, lightly brush all the chambers after vaping each session.

For a more thorough clean, you’ll need isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Soak all the metal parts in iso, and use the cotton swab to clean the ceramic mouthpiece. It sure does takes time to complete. Try to keep the device as clean as possible in order to preserve its performance.



  • Very small
  • Four chambers
  • Customizable computer app
  • Easy to use.
  • Haptic alert


  • Takes time to clean.


Why You Should Buy the Haze Square Pro

The Haze Square Pro is unlike any other vape on the market. It becomes straightforward to use after the first 3 sessions. The battery life is superb, and it takes just about 30 minutes to get to a full charge. It also has a computer app for Windows 10 users which helps to customize its settings. You will definitely love this vaporizer.

1 review for Haze Square Pro Vaporizer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Raj Sharma:

    Perfect upgrade! I had the v3 vape from haze. this is much better!

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