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Product Description

This Glass Globe Vaporizer is the absolute ultimate complete starter kits for beginners and longtime vaporizer pen users alike. It comes with a carry case by King Pen Vapes making it extremely portable and it puts an end to carrying the glass globe unprotected in your pockets. Now there are no more worries about breaking the globe every time you sit down. No more of that unwanted pocket stench and no more accidental heat ups in your pants! The convenient carry case stores all the essentials of the glass globe vaporizer including the long lasting 1100mah battery, the charger and the glass globe itself. Everything you need to start enjoying the vaping experience is always handy with this kit.

Why a Glass Globe Vaporizer?

Glass Globe Vaporizer pens have always been given good reviews from customers and bloggers. The technological innovations have evolved the Glass Globe Vaporizer pen to the level it is at today making this portable wax vape pen one of the top vape pens available to buy propelling it to one of our personal favorite vapes. Issues that have plagued cheap vaporizer pens in the past are simply no longer an issue. Clogging for example was a notoriously common problem that can even affect a modern glass dome vaporizer. However we have have thoroughly tested flow through and air volume rates after heavy use to ensure you never feel any restriction in the flow of pure vapor. More importantly, plastic placement and composition were heavily evaluated to prevent any unwanted burns preventing harmful toxins from ever being released. The heart of the eGo Glass Globe Vaporizer pen starter kit is the skillet/nail which is made from thermal grade ceramic with a coil wrapped wick. This superior heating element provides consistent vapor level heating without getting hot enough to unwantedly combust your vaping products of choice. This is surely one of the best vapor experiences possible from the best affordable vaporizer pen in the market.

Glass Globe Vaporizer Popularity

As the popularity of vaporizers continues to skyrocket, as it has been over the past couple of years, its presence has extended to millions of users deep into both the herbal market industry. Still, there are many users who are, perhaps, hesitant on embracing these newly perfected “smoking” methods. Some still prefer the more traditional methods of smoking, citing concerns of smoke capacity and reliability of vaporizer pens. It is becoming clear, however, that the new generation of glass globe vaporizer products are simply blowing even the most traditional competition out of the water. The amount of concentrated vapor produced in today’s device easily trumps previous smoking methods by a large margin. And with a vast assortment of replacement and upgrade parts readily available online, even cheap vape pens for sale can last a few years with moderate to heavy use. Non-believers are very quickly running out of excuses as the quality of these sleek vaporizer pens increases by leaps and bounds, and this eGo example is currently one of the best the industry has to showcase to consumers.

Zero Clogging of the Glass Globes Coil Atomizer

Unlike other vaporizer tanks and chambers, the glass globe vaporizer is are designed very specifically to eliminate any clogging or restrictive airflow. The glass globe attachment has been meticulously developed that is not susceptible to drops of air flow and vapor volume after lengthy and prolonged sessions of heavy use. This is perhaps one of the best selling points of the glass globe vaporizer pen as consumers are shown to be turned away from inferior products at the signs of diminished airflow. Treat yourself to the product that will treat you with essentially endless plumes of vapor without making you work hard for it.

High Capacity Ceramic Atomizer Coil

Carrying up to .3 grams of concentrates loaded and ready to go in practically the best glass globe vaporizer reduces on the amount of refills needed throughout the day. Get several puffs of your favorite concentrates in each session, saving you time and hassle. This ability to pack a hefty amount incredibly convenient and a palatable alternative to users of other forms of smoking.

Materials of the Glass Globe Vaporizer

This glass globe vaporizer features a float glass and medical grade ceramic construction letting you know a lot of thought went into every aspect of its design, starting right with the materials hand selected to create this wonder. It is currently a rarity to see vaporizers constructed from such high quality top grade materials. One of the blogs who reviewed this said they had dropped it and was still intact. The feel of this vaporizer pen sitting in your hand alone will put a smile on your face and you will enjoy owning a quality piece like this every time you get to take it out of its carrying case!

1100mAh eGo-T Battery of the Glass Globe Vaporizer

The battery is a 1100mAh size so you don’t have to worry about re-charging often. This will last you about a 10 hours of continuous vaping before you have to recharge again. Turn on the vape pen by clicking the power button five times which will flicker the blue, letting you know its on. To power the heating element on the ceramic coil atomizer, keep your finger on the power button but don’t leave it on longer than five seconds. This can possibly burn the coil out if it gets too hot or if the wick is not wet enough. To turn it back off, click the button five times again.

Pure Ease of Use with the Globe Dome Pen Vape

The eGo glass globe vaporizer pen starter kit is extremely easy to use and easy to charge. Simply use the provided USB/wall charger essentially anywhere to ensure you never run out of an electrical charge. The included ceramic coils are a breeze to replace if the need should ever occur. Easily carry your sleek, sexy vape pen and all the vaporizer pen accessories with you in the protective organized case. Wherever you are, and whenever you’d like, you can have this smoking piece of art with you and charged, ready to enjoy!

Titanium Coil

We have just added a new twist to our glass globe vaporizer and that is the new titanium coil you buy it with. Instead of just a ceramic globe coil, now you can get a titanium glass globe attachment with it instead! A much cleaner way of vaping your favorite waxes and concentrates. It is essentially the same exact way of packing your concentrates but this time it goes in a titanium coil. The coil bowl is a bit bigger which is a major plus for some of you.

How to Use the Glass Globe Vaporizer

The Glass Globe Vaporizer is probably one of the easiest wax vape pen to use as it doesn’t require much at all. Make sure you have full charge in the 1100mAh ego-T battery, this will make sure your vaping the most you can without giving a long break. Go ahead and attach the ceramic glass globe attachment and pop the top glass top part off. Be careful as this can be fragile so you want to care for it very gently. Using a dab tool or your finger, load your concentrate or wax on the tightly wrapped coil around the wick. Close the top glass globe, press the power button and watch your glass globe fill up with a plume of vapor.

Is it a ceramic nail or a titanium nail coil? 

Yes! This glass globe vaporizer can be purchased with either a ceramic coil or a titanium coil. Vapers may like one or the other but the titanium coil is a bit bigger than the ceramic.

Can I purchase additional coils?

Yes, you can definitely buy extra ceramic wax coils for the glass globe vaporizer.

Is it the whole starter kit which comes with the charger or do I need to purchase a charger?

This specific glass globe vaporizer pen is the whole starter kit. This is all you need to get started. It comes with its own charger set up along with a carry case.

Does my globe vaporizer come with any kind of warranty?

Yes, here at KingPenVapes we offer 1 year warranty along with any DOA’s.

Is it 510 thread?

Yes our globe vaporizers are all 510 thread. If you are looking for something else please feel free to contact us with the details of what you want and expect a prompt response.

Does it come with a dab tool?

No this helps the coil stay around longer. The longer you use the coil the more brittle it gets causing it to break apart much easier. However you can purchase one along with an extra 510 thread USB and wall charger.

Glass Globe Vaporizer Review

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