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Glass Bubbler Vaporizer – Vubbler

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Water bubbler filtration!

Works with 510 threaded batteries

Ceramic coil wrapped wick included

Glass Globe Vaporizer Kit

MicroG style glass globe attachment

eGo-T 1100mAh Battery


Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 11:32 am

If you have been around the world of electronic vaping for sometime then you probably were amazed to hear that a new Glass Bubbler Vaporizer – Vubbler had hit the market. So what exactly is the vaporizer bubbler, the vubbler and why would you want one?

To start with, the Glass Bubbler is not that much different from traditional glass bubblers. The major differences include the accessories and the overall experience. Bubblers usually provide a much bigger and deeper hit than a cigarette or e-cigarette in this case. This glass bubbler vaporizer is pretty much the same with a mix of essential oils which can be used with this product for a good clean hit. The heating element is an atomizer used along with batteries. There are a few other differences that show up when you go over the unique features and description of the vubbler.


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Description and features

The Glass Bubbler Vaporizer – Vubbler offers a few unique features that traditional glass bubblers do not.

  • Size- 110mm
  • Weight- 300g
  • Pryrex glass
  • Ceramic coil – essential oil coil wrapped wick
  • Transparent glass
  • Multifunction ability for essential oil / and e-juice depending on attachment
  • Compatible with 510 and ego threading

The biggest draw for vapers is the fact that you can use the Glass Bubbler Vaporizer – Vubbler with essential oils. Regardless of the type of product you prefer, you can easily use them with this. This isn’t done too much in the world of vaping, so the convenience this affords users is priceless. Not only is the glass bubbler for vapes sturdy, it is also portable. You can take the Glass Bubbler Vaporizer with you wherever you go and you never have to worry about lighting up. Just press the button and get the hit you want when you want it.


What makes the Glass Bubbler Vaporizer – Vubbler better than traditional glass bubblers?

We already touched on the details and specific features of the Vubbler, but is this really that much better than standard traditional bubblers? Like their counterpart, they use water, a ceramic heating element, and some form of oil to create the vaping experience you are looking for, so on the surface they aren’t really much different. However, the advantage of the it comes from its attachments.

For example, atomizer attachments come in many different sizes and shapes for the glass vubbler. You can add different filters and heating elements according to your preference. The atomizer fits 510 threading so you can use it with most other vaporizer products.

If you enjoy vaping from a bubbler, want access to your essential oils in a different fashion, and need a product that is compatible with 510 threading then yes the Glass Bubbler Vaporizer – Vubbler is right for you.

Additional information


Cone Shaped Set Down, Spill-Proof Over the Top

1 review for Glass Bubbler Vaporizer – Vubbler

  1. 5 out of 5

    Emiliano G.:

    This thing works pretty good…but, the downstem is set a little too high…

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