Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer

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Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer Includes:

  • 1 x Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer
  • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Wax Concentrate Pod
  • 1 x Herb Pod
  • 5 x Screens
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Water Pipe Attachment Adapter
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Manual

Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Features:

  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Power Bank Function
  • Precise Temperature Control (104℉  to 446℉)
  • Hybrid Heating Method (Convection/Conduction)
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Medical Grade Materials
  • 30 Second Heat Up Time



Don’t let the cute name of this vaporizer fool you. The Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer is a powerful device capable of handling both waxes and dry herbs. It’s small, it’s fast, and it has some surprising features that make even the most well-known vaporizers shake in their boots.



  • The Flowermate V5.0s is extremely compact and highly discreet. This is perfect for vapers who want to be able to carry and conceal their device.
  • This vaporizer has an LED display that allows you to keep track of your temperature and current battery life.
  • The device has precision temperature control and can reach temperatures between 104 and 446 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This vaporizer wastes no time and heats up the ceramic chamber in approximately 30 seconds.
  • The water pipe adapter can be used to connect to a bubbler, allowing for a more powerful vaping experience when desired.
  • The device itself doubles as a power bank with USB ports. When you’re not using your vaporizer for vaping, you can use it to charge any device that has a USB connection.
  • The device includes an airflow switch, which gives you the ability to adjust how much air you are receiving when you are taking your hits.


Basically, the designers at Flowermate had thought of everything when they designed this little vaporizer. It’s a huge improvement from its normal version, which only contained three temperature settings and didn’t have as many features as this version. Overall, this could very well be one of the best mini vaporizers on the market and you should definitely consider it if you are seeking a new vaporizer for dry herb smoking or dabbing.


Additional Information

The most important thing for users of this vaporizer to remember is that battery life will vary drastically from person to person. The battery will only last for a long period if you use the lowest possible temperature and keep your vaping sessions brief. High temperatures and longer drags will result in less usability. For those of you who intend to use the power bank feature, you should also expect to recharge your battery quite frequently since you will be using a lot of power charging your phone and other devices.


How to Use Your Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer

To use the Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer, you must first take out the glass mouthpiece. Take one of the screens that you received with the vaporizer and place them inside the interior of the device. Next, pack one of your pods with herbs or wax (the pod designed for wax will be filled with wool when you open it) and place it into the ceramic chamber.


Once everything is ready, place the mouthpiece back on the vaporizer and turn it on by pressing the power button 5 times. The LED display should light up as well and you will need to adjust the temperature for either the wax or the dry herbs. To heat up the device, hold down the power button for around 2 to 3 seconds. The ceramic chamber will heat up to your chosen temperature in approximately 30 seconds.


You will now be able to vape with the Flowermate. If you remain inactive for 5 minutes, the device will go into sleep mode. To turn it back on, hold the power button down for another 2 or 3 seconds. To power it off, tap on the power button another 5 times. The next time you turn it on, the vaporizer will already be set to your previous temperature.



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