September 13th, 2017

AirVape OM Vaporizer

The next vaporizer on the review list will surely fill your heart’s delight, especially if you prefer vaping wax concentrates and liquid oils, the AirVape OM Vape Pen. A portable discreet wax vaporizer in an incognito key chain style. Here are some of my discoveries after the initial usage of this innovative dab pen of today’s generation.

Design and built

I must say very pleased with the design and overall appearance of the AirVape OM vaporizer because it actually resembles a stylish key chain that you can easily carry anywhere you go with the luxury for a quick puff of my favorite waxy oil concentrates. I give credit to whoever contributed to this unique design because it can be easily mistaken for an ordinary key chain. Even getting through security somewhere will be a breeze because it doesn’t look like a weapon.

The AirVape OM is built with a dual coil atomizer and two additional changeable cover caps for disposable pre filled cartridge to use as an electronic cigarette. The overall design depicts of a cool vaping device with its lightweight and thin appearance, making it the indispensable tool of smart vaper who want a handy vaping companion.


Whether you are a newbie or a regular vaping enthusiast, using the AirVape OM doesn’t have a complicated operation. In fact, it was easy to get it up and going upon first use. Another awesome feature of this cool vaporizer is the mouthpiece made from top-quality glass. It easily pulls out at the top part while the chamber is located below. For first timers, you just need to pack the chamber with your vaping materials, push the mouthpiece right back in place and activate it.

To turn this wax vape pen on, click it 5 times from the top button. Once on, it will flash red three times. This will also occur when you turn it off. To toggle between the different voltages, simply click the button twice. This will toggle between white (2.7 volts), blue (3.2 volts), and red (4.0 volts) and it will take about 10 seconds to fully heat up.

Vapor Quality

airvape om vaporizer dual quartz atomizerSince this wax and oil vaporizer has a stainless steel oven so expect even heating all throughout your vaping session. You also get a chance to experience clean and smooth vapor. I reckon one of the reasons why this vaporizer produces quality vapor is due to the fact that this has a glass mouthpiece and there is not much interaction from initial vapor to when it exits the mouthpiece. Due to this, the vapor can be a bit warmer but its unadulterated. Many other dab pens end up passing through plastic.

Vibration alert and auto shut-off timer

Among the other distinct features of AirVape OM that I think will make it a perfect vaping tool in today’s world. The vibration alert and auto shut-off timer are also a great tool. This will give you a clear idea whether this vaporizer is on or turned off. When it vibrates, you know for sure that it is now activated for your vaping session and it will vibrate again to indicate that you have reached the desired temperature.


The AirVape OM vape pen comes with a re-chargeable 350 mAh battery, 510 thread connection and weighs approximately 1.6 oz. It can be easily charged via a USB charger.

Warranty Coverage

The AirVape OM oil pen comes with a lifetime warranty from the date you purchase it.


Manufacturing quality of the AirVape OM surpasses the original version, a lot durable with its metal body finish. Aside from, the other vital parts of this waxy vaporizer come from top quality materials like the dual quartz atomizer and glass mouthpiece.

How it works?

airvape-om-vaporizerFor new users of AirVape OM, you need to follow these procedures to experience a pleasurable vaping session:

  • Click the button five (5) times at the top part of the vaporizer to turn it on. This also applies when you want to turn it off, click again five times. When done correctly, a red light will flash three times.
  • To change the voltage, you need to do two (2) clicks on the button. The red light resembles 4.0v, blue indicates the 3.2v and white means you are using it at 2.4v.
  • The atomizer comes with dual quartz coil, making it suitable only for waxy concentrates. To use 510 thread cartridges, unscrew the atomizer and screw on your cartridge.
  • You need to press and hold the button to activate the device and start inhaling.

Overall impression

My personal experience while using the AirVape OM vaporizer was indeed a new vaping experience. With its portable size, I found it to be extra cool as it produces quality vapor. As for convenience while vaping, the easy operational setting of this vaping model only required me a short period of time to learn how to navigate it effectively. If you can’t still decide what type of vaporizer is the right one for you, read this product review.